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Emily Marie Grant, Jason F. Knittle II, Tessa Zehnder, Charlie Holliday, Jodi L. Church
Cast members from left to right: Emily Marie Grant plays the part of Mandy Sanders, the mother of Robert Sanders (played by Jason F. Knittle II). Jason F. Knittle II plays the part of a 17 year old who witnesses a murder. Tessa Zehnder plays the part of Sara in RELLIK. Charlie Holliday is an actor and a SAG (Screen Actors Guild) Union Representative for Northern California. Jodi L. Church on the red carpet.
Photos by Christie Spurlock.
Photo illustration by Messenger Publishing Group.

Local Filmmakers Premiere Crime Thriller

By Christie Spurlock
Posted: 7/3/2015

SACRAMENTO REGION , CA (MPG) - On June 21st, the locally based crime thriller pilot of RELLIK premiered at both Wizard World Sacramento Comic Con and the Tower Theatre in Roseville. The Roseville premiere featured most of the cast and crew, and the excitement was palpable as everyone saw the results of their work on the big screen.

RELLIK was directed by Tim Russ, known primarily for his role as Tuvok on Star Trek Voyager. Originally contacted to act in the series, Russ was intrigued by the script and ended up directing instead. The cast and crew hope that the web series will be picked up by a streaming service for wider distribution.

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Renée Taylor Uses the New Charger
SMUD Director Renée Taylor attaches a Nissan Leaf to the new SMUD electric vehicle fast charger at 7825 Lichen Drive in Citrus Heights, just off of Interstate 80. This new station can charge most electric vehicles in less than 30 minutes.
Photo courtesy of SMUD

SMUD Unveils Electric Vehicle Station in Citrus Heights

Posted: 6/19/2015

CITRUS HEIGHTS, CA (MPG) - Electric vehicle drivers have a new resource in the Sacramento region—a fast-charge station located immediately adjacent to the Interstate 80 freeway at 7825 Lichen Drive in Citrus Heights. The fast-charge station is just the second in the region to accommodate most types of electric vehicles manufactured by foreign and domestic automakers, and it’s one of the first installed in the U.S. by a utility. SMUD installed the first electric vehicle fast charger in the region last year near its headquarters at the 6200 block of S Street in Sacramento and plans to open more fast-charge stations in the coming years.

Electric vehicle drivers will pay approximately $2 per “gallon” to charge up using the station—about 40% less than the current price of gasoline. By using technology that charges vehicles at 480 volts—four times that of a standard household outlet—fast-charge-capable vehicles such as the Nissan Leaf, Chevy Spark EV, BMW i3 and others can fill up about 80 percent of their batteries in 30 minutes or less.

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Lady Antebellum: A Traveling Family

By Shaunna Boyd
Posted: 6/19/2015

The Band 'Lady Antebellum' Posed on Stage
Lady Antebellum views their upcoming show as an opportunity to have fun and make a memory with everyone in the audience. Don’t miss your chance to be part of that memory.
Photos by Niño Munoz.

SACRAMENTO REGION, CA (MPG) - Lady Antebellum has been playing together for almost nine years; this August will mark the ninth anniversary of their very first show together. In an interview with Messenger Publishing Group, Hillary Scott described the friendship that anchors the band as “a real summer camp vibe.” Scott explained that she and bandmates Charles Kelley and Dave Haywood grew up watching VH1’s Behind the Music, so they were very familiar with the all-too-typical story of successful bands breaking up over petty arguments and egotistical posturing. “So we just learned how to talk to each other, to compromise,” said Scott.

When Scott, Kelley, and Haywood began writing songs together, Scott said, “It was like I had met my musical best friends, my brothers.”

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Brian Jagger, Tim Russ, and Emily Grant
Brian Jagger, Tim Russ, and Emily Grant on set in Carmichael.

Rellik: It’s A Wrap

Pilot Set to be Released at Local Comic Con

By Ben Barber and Christie Spurlock
Photos by Ben Barber
Posted: 6/5/2015

SACRAMENTO REGION, CA (MPG) - Sacramento-area residents have something to look forward to when Rellik premieres at the Wizard World Comic Con on June 20th. Rellik is a crime drama that follows the story of two detectives as they investigate a serial killer who is terrorizing Sacramento.

The ultimate goal is for Rellik to grow into a full-season TV show. The crew of roughly 40 people worked for deferred pay in hopes that the pilot will be picked up by an online distributor such as Netflix, Hulu, or Crackle, which would bring steady production work to the Sacramento region. The pilot features Star Trek Voyager’s Tim Russ at the helm as director; Sacramento region actors Nick Fenske, Craig DeLuz, Brian Jagger, Charlie Holliday; and many more local-area cast and crew.

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Craft Brewfest and Wine Tasting

Posted: 6/5/2015

CITRUS HEIGHTS, CA (MPG) - Eat, drink, and be merry! Enjoy live music while tasting beer, wine, and food from local breweries, wineries, and restaurants. Soroptimist International of Citrus Heights is holding a Craft Brewfest and Wine Tasting fundraiser on June 13th. This event will be held at the beautiful and historic Rusch Home & Gardens on 7301 Antelope Drive in Citrus Heights from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Soroptimist International is part of a worldwide volunteer nonprofit service organization whose mission is to improve the lives of women and girls in the local community. All proceeds from this fundraiser will be used for the many service projects the organization supports, such as A Community for Peace and Harmony House, a Teaching/Learning kitchen for A Glass Slipper’s Mariposa House, the Live Your Dream award for single mothers continuing their education, scholarships and awards for local high school students, the Citrus Heights Police Department’s Holiday Giving program, backpacks to local law enforcement agencies for sex-trafficking victims, and school supplies for students at local schools.

Admission is $35 and you must be 21 to attend. Parking is free. For more information on this event or to buy tickets, visit  or call Rosanne Anderson at (916) 799-8702.

Source: Soroptimist International of Citrus Heights

Our Heroes’ Dreams Give Hope to Returning Combat Veterans

By Justin Bond and Elise Spleiss
Posted: 5/22/2015

Vetrans, Handler, and Elephants
Veterans with elephants during the Healing Safari event at Vision Quest Ranch.
Photos courtesy of Our Heroes’ Dreams

SACRAMENTO REGION, CA (MPG) - Memorial Day is a time to remember those brave men and women who gave their lives for our country. At the same time, it is imperative that people do not forget the brave warriors returning home from combat who have been wounded physically, mentally, and emotionally.

There are 22 veteran suicides a day, with over 90,000 since the current wars began. Today, we are looking at the most deadly killer that our troops will face: life after military service. Our Heroes’ Dreams (OHD) is a nonprofit organization sponsored by the Wounded Soldier and Family Relief Fund Inc., based in Hanford, California. It is OHD’s sole mission to improve the lives of warriors and their families by helping them accomplish dreams that they wouldn’t otherwise be able to fulfill because of their disabilities. In order to appreciate this mission, one must understand the world these wounded warriors return to when they leave the service and how Our Heroes’ Dreams is changing the lives of many of these veterans.

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More Upgrades of Citrus Heights Streets and Roads

By Chris Gilbert
Posted: 5/22/2015

CITRUS HEIGHTS, CA (MPG) - Residents and motorists can look forward to another active road and street construction season. There will be three main projects going on this summer.

One is Phase Three of what’s called the “complete streets” project for Sunrise Boulevard, which covers Antelope Road to the north city limits along the west side.

“We will be constructing sidewalks all the way up to Placer County,” said Public Works Management Analyst Regina Cave, and “stormwater improvements, safety lights, and landscaping.” Resurfacing and restriping is also featured. The cost is $4.3 million.

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Miss Citrus Heights Crowned Miss Northern California

Posted: 5/8/2015

Mandatory Cut Proposal Concerns Citrus Heights Water District

By Chris Gilbert
Posted: 5/8/2015

EcoHousing Project Unanimously Approved

Posted: 4/24/2015

SMUD Takes Action After Truck Downs Power Lines

Posted: 4/24/2015

Vote for New City Hall Passes

By Julia Baum
Posted: 4/10/2015

LeAnn Rimes Brings Country to the Capital City

By Shaunna Boyd
Posted: 4/10/2015


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