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Stones Celebrates Grand Opening

By Jennifer Trovato
Posted: 7/17/2014

Three Ladies Having a Good Time
Happy customers enjoy the grand opening celebration at Sammy’s Bar and Grill, which operates inside of Stones.
All Photos by Jennifer Trovato

CITRUS HEIGHTS, CA (MPG) - Stones Gambling Hall celebrated its grand opening on Friday, July 11th. Instead of the over-the-top style of a Vegas event that might be expected at a casino’s opening bash, the feeling at Stones was more like that of a family celebration, and all who attended were included in that family.

Founder and owner, Ryan Stone, joined forces with Sami Ladeki, CEO of the Ladeki Restaurant Group and longtime friend of Stone and his family, to create an upscale, family-friendly destination. Stones is a unique addition to the Sacramento region; it’s a family oriented establishment, fine dining destination and high-end gambling hall.

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Job Demand Hiring Trends for Local Companies in the 3rd Quarter

Posted: 7/17/2014

Job Seekers Look to the Future
A robust market in California’s capital city expects to add as many new workers as it hires for replacements within existing workforces in the 3rd quarter of 2014.

SACRAMENTO REGION, CA (MPG) - A robust market in California’s capital city expects to add as many new workers as it hires for replacements within existing workforces in the 3rd quarter of 2014. In a direct telephone survey of Sacramento’s top regional employers, fifty percent (50%) say hiring is motivated by expansion of existing workforces, and eleven percent (11%) also attributed seasonal demands for seeking workers in July, September and October.

Attrition, or replacements among the existing workforce motivated the other half expecting to see applicants. Pacific Staffing discovered just twenty-nine percent (29%) of Sacramento companies contacted directly between May 21st and June 11th are not hiring. While service and manufacturing companies were driving the majority of hiring anticipated in the third quarter, construction firms were almost evenly split, and just one retail firm surveyed was not looking for help. Also signaling continued robust employment in the area, not one company noted any plans for layoffs in the next quarter. Several firms also mention that retention of current workers was a growing concern and noted finding adequate numbers of qualified applicants as another challenge.

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Four Ladies Riding Paint Horses in Fancy Cowgirl Costumes with Flags
The Painted Ladies participated in the 15th Annual Red, White & Blue Parade.
Photo courtesy of The City of Citrus Heights

Celebrating Our Flag

By Elise Spleiss
Posted: 6/27/2014

There was a time not so long ago when our flag, I believe, did not have as much meaning as it does today. It was just a part of our lives, and we took it for granted. I know I did.

Growing up in the 50s and 60s, I assumed it would always be around, always representing my country, and always respected by our citizens. But unfortunately this did not happen, and the flag began to be treated badly. Allowed to fly unmanaged, never folded or brought in at night, many became dirty and tattered. Disgruntled groups burned flags in protest. Yes, this is legal, but still sad. And our flag began appearing on inappropriate items.

I never realized it, but we are not supposed to wear a flag in any form, yet so many different items with this precious image are created to be wrapped around us and worn on our body and feet. We have rugs we walk on, napkins to wipe our faces, and even cloth on which we sit bears this precious image.

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Sue Frost and Jeannie Bruins Accept Award Promoting Trees in the City
Vice Mayor Sue Frost and Councilmember Jeannie Bruins accept the Sacramento Tree Foundation 2014 Growing Greenprint Award.
Photo courtesy Cindy Blain, Sac Tree Foundation

City Earns Growing Greenprint Award

Posted: 6/19/2014

CITRUS HEIGHTS, CA. (MPG) - On June 4, Citrus Heights City Council members accepted the prestigious Sacramento Tree Foundation Growing Greenprint Award on behalf of their community. The City was selected for their exemplary work towards promoting a healthy urban forest to improve the health and livability of our communities.

Since its incorporation in 1997, the City of Citrus Heights has continually invested in the community’s tree canopy, which is one of the largest in the region at 27 percent. In 2013, the City conducted an Urban Forest Tree Inventory as part of a larger project to develop a comprehensive Citrus Heights Urban Greening Strategy.

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Rich Hale and Henry Tingle with the New Bus
Past Rotary president Rich Hale and Citrus Heights City Manager Henry Tingle inspect the newly delivered 22 seat bus which will transport students to their summer activities.
Photo courtesy Cindy Blain, Sac Tree Foundation

Children’s Center Bus Unveiling

By Elise Spleiss
Posted: 6/19/2014

CITRUS HEIGHTS, CA (MPG) - If the saying, “all good things come to those who wait” is true, the Citrus Heights Children and Youth Center (formerly Sayonara Community Center) can expect many good things in it’s future. Besides recently celebrating the 10th anniversary of providing a secure and fun after-school sanctuary for neighborhood children, another project three years in the making has just come to fruition. On June 4 the Citrus Heights community gathered for the unveiling of the Center’s newest addition, a newly refurbished Regional Transit bus to be used to transport students to their many summer camps and field trips.

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Volunteers Observe While Bill Howell Explains Horseshoe Court Contruction
Bill Howell, expert in building horseshoe courts, works with Hewlett Packard volunteers to complete a regulation horseshoe court and observation deck at the Veteran’s Community Center in Citrus Heights.
Photo by Collette Adams.

HP Volunteers Come Together to Support Veteran’s Center

By Elise Spleiss
Posted: 6/5/2014

CITRUS HEIGHTS, CA (MPG) - Blessings keep befalling Jim and Jean Rounsavell and the Veteran’s Community Center in Citrus Heights. Thanks to the caring and ingenuity of one man and the hard work of more than 45 volunteers, two new recreational additions to the Center have been completed: a Douglas fir observation deck from which veterans can relax and enjoy refreshments and a board game, and two full professional regulation horseshoe courts. As with previous undertakings at the Center, ‘things just came together’ to make these projects happen.

In November of 2013, Bill Howell, a local retired aircraft mechanic and neighbor of the Center, approached Rounsavell in the Center’s parking lot with the offer, “You know, I’m not a veteran, but I’d like to build a horseshoe court for you”. A bit taken aback by the unexpected proposal, but realizing this new friend had a vision for the Center, Rounsavell agreed.

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World’s Best Motocross Racers Coming to Sacramento

Posted: 5/22/2014

The Amgen Tour of California Returns to Sacramento

By Eric Hokom
Posted: 5/22/2014

Kindest Cut Launches Health Program

By Susan Maxwell Skinner
Posted: 5/8/2014

SOAR to Healthy Heights at Annual Senior Health Fair

By Elise Spleiss
Posted: 5/8/2014


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