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City Releases Offering Memorandum for Sylvan Property

Citrus Heights, CA (MPG)  |  By Nichole Baxter, City of Citrus Heights
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The project “New Sylvan” would be in the geographical center of Citrus Heights. Photo: City of Citrus Heights

Citrus Heights Water District Ad
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An aerial view of the corner property to be developed as a crucial part of the City’s economic development strategy. Photo: City of Citrus Heights

CITRUS HEIGHTS, CA (MPG) - The City of Citrus Heights has released its Offering Memorandum for the 11+ acre property in the geographical center of the City, at the intersection of Old Auburn Rd., Sylvan Rd., and Auburn Blvd. The project is called “New Sylvan,” (formerly Sylvan 40) and as of this week, City staff are officially seeking multi-use developers who are a good fit for the property’s vision.

The City purchased this property in 2019, to ensure the future of the site would reflect the needs of the community and coincide with the overall revitalization vision for the Auburn Blvd. corridor. Since purchasing the land, the City Council has adopted goals, which outline that future development of the site should…

(1) Support multiple uses compatible with surrounding land uses; (2) Enhance the area as the geographical center of the City and reestablish the area as a cultural and social hub; (3) Include enhanced pedestrian connections to connect the property to nearby businesses, Sylvan Plaza, and the adjoining school; (4) Incorporate the existing Sylvan Plaza into the project design; And more

These goals and others have been packaged with the City’s updated timeline for future developers and are available on the City’s website at

“Not every City lays out planning, design, land use, and finance goals before seeking developers as we have done, but we consider this forethought a crucial part of our economic development strategy,” said Economic Development and Communications Manager, Meghan Huber. “City staff want to do everything possible to be fiscally responsible and support successful development at the New Sylvan property.”

The New Sylvan site is part of an exciting larger redevelopment trend happening along Auburn Blvd. On the other side of the corridor, adjacent to Highway 80, the old Kmart shopping center is under construction to include a new Studio Movie Grill and a now open Big Lots. There has also been significant public investment in infrastructure along the corridor, including widening sidewalks, undergrounding of utilities, and repaving.